The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe @ Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Last week, during my several attempts to write an introduction of a chapter I ended up surfing through my latest addiction after Flipkart) and bumped onto two excellent reviews of The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe @ Shahpur Jat. I was even thinking of applying for the position of Content analyst in Zomato. Occupational Hazards!!!! Well, I had already made plans of Cafe Small Talk for Sunday so decided to catch up with Sa and explore Potbelly- a restaurant which was also recommended by a very close friend quite some time back. We decided to settle for dinner.

Potbelly is located right behind UCO Bank ATM in Shahpur Jat and the narrow flight of stairs  leads you to this wonderfully lit place with bright interiors. The decor is quite interesting and pleasant. Innovative use of Chai Glasses to lit up the place. Used Wine Bottles serve as flower vases and the warm colours of the upholstery is a pleasant change. For some lovely pictures you can visit the following blogger’s link ( Their cutlery could have been a little more innovative but I admired the wonderful share of Longpi pottery mugs and starter plates in which they served their tea and starters.

Well, take a wild guess about the cuisine they serve. BIHARI FOOD! Yes, the very mention of Bihari food will remind you of Litti Chokha (wheat balls stuffed with Sattu) but trust me it is much more than that. Despite the zomato reviewers giving a thumbs up for their GolMirch Chicken Platter (Boneless Chicken In Creamy Pepper Preparation served with tawa mirchi lachha Parantha and saboodana pakoras) I decided to settle down for the good old Litti Chokha while Sa settled for Madhubani Thali (Traditional Alu Chana Dal served with assortment of sattu puri and onion puri. Aubergine Raita which tasted sweet was the final punch). They have a non-vegetarian option as well where Littis are served with Khada Masala Chicken and Aubergine Chokha. We began our meal with Baggia Basket ( pockets of rice  stuffed with lentils) which came with a fresh chutney and nice masala chai followed by our main course.  We had a perfect dinner break before busy Friday.

As I write this review I have a wish list of things I have to try next time I am there. And of course I will go back during lunch time to enjoy the sunny afternoon on a chilly weekend.

So, in case you have not planned your weekend, you might like to reserve yourself a nice cosy corner for Sunday lunch @ Potbelly.

Address : The Potbelly RoofTop Cafe, 116 C, 4th Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. Phone : 011-41612108

Latest Menu is available on their facebook page:

Happy Weekend to all itiriti readers.

P.S. For More details on Bihari food read this interesting article by Nivriti Butalia on DNA. Here is the link: