Notes from my kitchen : Beetroot carrot soup

My fondness for beet root began while doing errands for my mother’s special treat in winter evenings. Beetroot chop. Anybody familiar with Kolkata’s chop, cutlets will remember the burst of colours in this vegetarian chop. One of the standard tasks that I was entrusted with was washing vegetables. Needless to say I hated it, till it came to running the beet root cubes under cold water and watch the purple water coat my fingers. Sigh…

The winter chill has set in the capital and food cravings are an all time high. In an attempt to stick to deadlines, I have resorted to cooking one pot meals for some time now and today as I wrapped up a section I decided to treat myself to beetroot-carrot soup.  Armed with a beetroot, one carrot, half a slice of onion, two green chillies, slices of ginger, two sliced garlic pods, coconut milk, half a tea spoon of olive oil I set out to make this gorgeous chunky soup.  Roughly dice the beetroot, carrots and pressure cook it. I do not add salt to the water while boiling. Once the vegetables are boiled, shift it to a blender or in absence of one (like mine) use the pestle to mash the carrots and beetroots.


Take a pan, add half a tea spoon of olive oil. Add sliced garlic, onions, ginger, chopped green chillies and fry them till the onions are cooked.


Now add the mashed beetroot-carrot to the mix. Fry them lightly. Add salt and a pinch of sugar. Fry it for some time.


Add coconut milk to the mix and cook for a while. You might need to add half a cup of water in case you are using thick coconut milk.


Bring to a boil and it is ready to serve.


Let me tell you this soup is going to brighten up your day and lift up your mood. Time to wind up and get back to work. Drop me a line after you add your own twist while making this gorgeous soup.




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  1. Dear Itiriti..
    Beetroot also happens to be the vegetable of the season for me! Just like you even I used to hate the dark purple water staining my fingers. I used to always feel bad for the poor white sanitised-looking radish which always got smeared by the colour of beetroot, while they were placed together in a salad plate in wedding and party gourmets! But nothing ever stopped me from chewing raw beetroot cubes sprinkled with salt and then scaring my then baby sister with my red tongue..:) Your post reminded me of so many childhood memories. Hence, thought of sharing one rather interesting easy beetroot recipe from my recent past.

    For the past few years, thanks to my low haemoglobin count, beetroot is now part of my compulsory diet prescribed by doctors. It was those one of those days in the past week that I got bored chewing those cold beetroot cubes for my meals and was certainly lazy to do anything about it. My super sweet friend B who never gives up on feeding me tasting food, then gets up to try his luck to make something tasty enough with the beetroots. In the next 10mins he comes up with one of the most tasty+healthy raita I have ever had.
    Here is the recipe- Grate half a beetroot. Add grated beetroot to 5-6 table spoon of curd. Sprinkle a pinch of cumin seeds (jeera), carom seeds (ajwain) and salt as per taste to the curd and blend the mixture well. In the absence of blender, thoroughly whip the mixture with a fork. To reduce the viscosity of the raita add a few spoons of water, to increase add some more of grated beetroot. I bet the Pink Raita would be one of the tastiest you have had! Let me know how it goes.

    • Thank you for sharing this recipe. This simple soup has evoked so many memories. I will surely try this raita with the left over beetroot. Now that I have two recipes as a result of this post. A friend on fb shared an interesting lightly tossed beetroot slices with mustard seeds and curry leaves. I think it will taste well with rice and gunpowder. I am yet to try it. Will devote half of the beetroot to this and remaining half to the pink raita 🙂 thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous recipe. I must congratulate you on having a sweet friend who has an eye and taste for food and comes up with recipes that is healthy and tasty( that’s a rare combination, I must admit)

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