Bamboo Hut brings Naga Cuisine to North Delhi

Though I love Nagaland Kitchen in Uphaar Cinema Complex in Green Park and their Raja Chilly Bloody Mary is absolutely sinful, I have become a huge fan of Bamboo Hut. Bamboo Hut is located in the busiest lane connecting GTB Nagar Metro Station (Exit towards Mukherjee Nagar, Kingsway Camp)  to Batra Cinema, Mukherjee Nagar. A lot of interesting restaurants have opened in Outram Lines, Kingsway Camp, over the course of last few years. Two interesting Korean joints are my favourite haunts in this lane.

Bamboo Hut Restaurant has become a favourite haunt with the students who like Naga food. So, if you love Naga Food and stay in North Delhi you might want to skip the Naga food stall in Delhi Haat or The Nagaland Kitchen in Green Park. The Decor of Bamboo Hut is quite nice and the lovely wooden benches and tables are more than comfortable. The wooden cutlery and bamboo mats add a nice touch to the place.

As far as the menu is concerned their Pork Ribs Dry Fried (Rs 160) and Pork with Bamboo Shoot(Rs130) are best followed by Pork with Anishi (Rs 130). What adds to the kick is that they serve Red Rice all for Rs 60 and a wonderful Chutney of Raja Mircha Aloo Chutney for Rs 30. In the Pork section, you will get Pork with Kidney Beans, Pork with Axione, and I secretly wish that they should start Pork Robu (Dry Yam Leaves). They have similar combinations (Bamboo shoot, Anishi) in Chicken as well. For starters with Naga food, I would recommend the Naga Thali which comes at a price of Rs 200 with Choice of Pork, Chicken or Fish, Rice, Naga Dal, Boil Veg. and Chutney. And of course you will get Chicken, Pork and Veg Momos (Fried and Steamed) and finish off your meal with a fruit beer @ Rs 20.

Flipside: No alcohol is served.

Next time while you are in North Campus, try out this new place. A Must try !

Bamboo Hut

1598 Outram Lines (Near HDFC Bank ATM), Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009. Contact :9560574772.


6 responses

  1. Hi Ishita,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for such a sweet comment. So glad to expand my Indian-Bloggo-circle. Keep in touch.
    p.s. m your new follower 😀

  2. I like your blog and your passion for food.Both Diana and Tashi have so much of love to offer that it further enhances my taste buds and the food tastes even better.It is not for nothing that I travel almost 65 kms just to be at Bamboo Hut to eat their food.
    Keep blogging.You have me as an ardent follower of your blog for sure.

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